Cavaliers sur la plage

Cavaliers sur la plage

Urbain huchet

(French, 1930-2014)

Urbain Huchet was born in Rennes, France on April 28, 1930. After studying law and owning a textile factory for four years, he decided in 1960 to devote himself entirely to painting. Mr. Huchet spent his first three years as an artist in Pont-Aven, following in the footsteps of the Post Impressionist, Gauguin, and Symbolist, Emile Bernard, both of whom influenced him a great deal.

In 1963, he moved to Paris. Catching the travel bug, he journeyed throughout Europe and the Middle East, spending time in Indian markets, visiting Peru, Mexico, Egypt, and every beautiful country he could, finding inspiration in each place. He painted the scenery of each locale, culminating in a book to document his experiences.

His works are typified by a fluid and free, gestural approach to both form and color, and they are immediately recognizable. He is adept at both painting on canvas and watercolor, and is an accomplished lithographer. His subjects are diverse, but are primarily a reflection of the landscape of the Brittany region as he has a profound love for the coast. Urbain Huchet has been an exhibiting artist since 1960. He has had exhibitions in New York, London, New Orleans, Egypt, and Paris.