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Alain Richard  (French, 1933-2017)  L'orchestre

Alain Richard (French, 1933-2017)


Global Fine Art Distributors, LLC offers an extraordinarily diverse collection of authentic art. Servicing only the trade, we have been a trusted source for the past decade. The general collection of more than 80,000 works by more than 4,500 different artists spans the 15th century through present day.

We have exclusive relationships with many up-and-coming artists as well as seasoned and recognized masters from around the globe. We also have an extensive and professional framing department that is capable of framing more than 12,000 works per month.

Please browse our gallery of featured artists, and if you have any questions or would like to receive a catalog, send us a message.


Global Fine Art Distributors, LLC (d/b/a Global Fine Art) is not affiliated with Global Fine Art, Inc. (South Bend, IN), Global Fine Arts, Inc. (Dania Beach, FL), or any cruise-based art auctions.