Arrivée à la plage

Arrivée à la plage

elisabeth bazin

(French, b. 1955)

Elisabeth Bazin is an internationally acclaimed painter, illustrator and graphic designer. Born in Dinard, France in 1955 and currently residing in Vendée, Bazin graduated with a diploma in fine arts from École Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Rennes (now The European Academy of Art in Brittany). Following university, Bazin worked in advertising as a commercial artist. Today, she is focused exclusively on painting vibrant seascapes and landscapes, architecture, animal portraits, and optimistic vignettes of daily life. Her primary medium is acrylic, in addition to watercolor, pastel, and digital arts.   

Inspired by the architecture of her birth city of Dinard and the lively university city of Rennes, Bazin’s canvases are characterized by a bright palette and bold, lively brushstrokes. Influences of Impressionism and Post-impressionism, particularly Cezanne’s geometric emphasis and the ephemeral nature of moments quietly captured in time, are apparent in her vibrant artworks.   

Bazin is the author of the book Dinard: A Painter’s Look, featuring her cheerful watercolor renderings of the town’s picturesque beaches, coastal walks, and architectural heritage of the extravagant 19th-century seaside villas. Characterized by an abundance of sunlight and vibrant colors, Bazin’s paintings tell the story of the city where she was born, capturing the infinite variations of colors and the tranquil atmosphere of the magnificent seaside resort.  

Her passion for painting is deeply conveyed in her artworks and also in her occasional role as a teacher, sharing her love of acrylic, watercolor, pastels, drawing, digital illustration and design with her students.