Bar de nuit sous la pluie

Bar de nuit sous la pluie

Patrick Abraham

(French, b. 1955)

Patrick Abraham was born in Rennes in Brittany, France in 1955. He graduated from the European Academy of Art at Brittany in 1981. Beyond his own artistic pursuits, he has worked in the fine arts as a designer, conservator, curator and museum administrator. For many years he collaborated with the Directorate of Museums of France, working with The Louvre, the Museum of Fashion and Textiles, the Picasso Museum, and numerous others. In 2002, Abraham chose to devote himself to his own work as a painter.

He has exhibited his work internationally, and throughout France. Painting primarily with oils and watercolor, Abraham gives his work a cinematic quality. The moments he captures feel part of a larger story. His paintings are at times immersive, inviting the viewer into a sensory experience—to feel the chill of the wind, the smell of wet pavement, to see the blur of streetlights. Abraham counts the French baroque painter Georges de la Tour among his inspirations. His influence can be seen in the ways Abraham experiments with atmosphere and light, creating tension and movement.

While much of his work captures the outdoors, Abraham’s treatment of interiors is extensive and conveys the same heightened mood and atmosphere. Some of his maritime scenes play with the ephemeral circumstances of nature, the impossible quest to capture a moment on the water—the always-changing glisten of the sun on the ocean, the colors—thus recalling the impressionists. Abraham is passionate about the sea and sailing, the beauty of his native Brittany. He is a member of the Society of French Artists and the Taylor Foundation.